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Kat von d dating lemmy

After considering many more artists for the job, Von D hired Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh to work for her as well.

The cameras follow her as she opens the shop, while capturing everything that unfolds in between.

Each customer coming into the shop usually has a story or reason behind their tattoo.

On occasion, even known celebrities make an appearance to get tattooed by Kat or one of the other artists.

Saigh and Aitchison left the show after the Season 2 finale.

Initially, she hired her close friend Amber "Pixie" Acia to be the shop manager, and her good friend Corey Miller as a tattoo artist.

Kat Von D’s eyeshadow palettes and eyeshadow singles are buttery, blendable and buildable in textures you have to see to believe.

Kat Von D hand-picks every shade for her iconic makeup palettes.

What’s really obvious is that right from her first husband, Oliver Peck, to her second and current husband, Rafael Reyes, Kat Von D’s boyfriends have been associated with the arts.

Most of them are musicians like Alex Orbison, Ville Valo (rumored), Nikki Sixx, Deadmau5, Tom Green, and Steve-O.

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Inevitably, as the show progressed, changes occurred.