Kate middleton dating prince william

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Kate middleton dating prince william

Another clubber on the same night, Lisa Agar, said William was flirty – dancing and making suggestive comments.The pictures and quotes were in the papers the next day, and Kate and William were both embarrassed.William was stationed outside London and they spent significant amounts of time apart over the next few months.They were also still young, and both figuring out what they wanted from life, but Kate felt like she had less of a say in their relationship and their future.On 31 March 2007, the foursome had a quiet night out in the van Cutsems’ local the King’s Head pub in Bledington.By the time Kate flew to Ireland with her mum on 3 April, the relationship of four years was over.She wasn’t sure herself which direction she would like to take – should she use her art history degree and go into a related field, should she pursue her interest in fashion or should she maximize her past experience and family contacts and go into the party industry like her parents? If they ended up getting married, she would be required to submerge herself fully in royal life, and this would take some time and preparation.

In 2007, many had been predicting a royal wedding, and Woolworths were already stocking wedding paraphernalia.

Kate grew increasingly fed up, and felt his behaviour was disrespectful.

They attended the Cheltenham Festival together, but whereas the previous year it seemed that Kate could do no wrong as she hung out in the royal box with Charles and Camilla, this year she and William looked unhappy and out of sorts.

When William was faced with a similar dilemma he went the other way.

The last time Kate and William went out together before they split was with their friends Hugh and Rose van Cutsem, whose wedding they had attended two years earlier.

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Although she had her job at Jigsaw, she wasn’t sure it was what she wanted to do long-term.

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