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Though some artists have chafed against Laswell's distinctive recording and production style (most noticeably some of his for-hire production gigs including Motörhead, Swans and White Zombie) many other collaborations, such as with pianist Herbie Hancock and singer Iggy Pop have been lengthier and recurring.He has also worked extensively with his wife, Ethiopian singer Gigi.

Laswell and Submerged re-teamed under the Method of Defiance moniker for 2006's The Only Way to Go Is Down on Sublight Records.Laswell ranks among the most prolific of modern musicians, being involved in hundreds of recordings with many collaborators from all over the world.Laswell's music draws upon many different genres, most notably funk, various world music, jazz, dub and ambient styles.As a performer, producer, and label chief, his imprint is on literally hundreds of albums, the majority of them characterized by a signature sound fusing the energy of punk with the bone-rattling rhythms of funk and dub.However, he's also known for immersive ambient explorations, as well as fusions of disparate genres, including traditional Indian music, opera, klezmer, hip-hop, jazz, and seemingly every other genre known to humanity.

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There Laswell formed Material, an outlet for his experimental approach toward sounds ranging from jazz to hip-hop to worldbeat.