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In ancient times precious opal was considered a stone of great benefit to the eyes and was worn to cure ocular ailments, as well as to render the carrier of the stone invisible to the eyes of others (Braid, 2015).

Fire opal was admired as a symbol of fervent love in ancient times among the peoples of India, Persia, Central America and North America.

Beneath a Starless Sky is the culmination of eight months of research and over 40 hours of interviews with developers from Obsidian Entertainment, Bio Ware, Black Isle Studios, and Interplay.

Several Obsidian developers are joining me today: Adam Brennecke, Executive Producer and Lead Programmer Justin Bell, Audio Director Mikey Dowling, PR Manager Kaz Aruga, Lead Artist Kate Dollarhyde, Narrative Designer Paul Kirsch, Narrative Designer Here’s Obsidian’s proof, and here’s my proof.

When colour waves reflect through thin layers of material, which differ in refractive index, a loss of some colours and a reinforcement of others can take place. Ser., Field Studies Map MF–569 (scale 1:1,000,000).

Ko TOR I was such an amazing game for it's time.

As white light passes through very small openings such as pores or slits it is diffracted and a prism effect causes it to separate into spectral colours.

This diffraction creates the rainbow display of fractures, the colours of labradorite, and the ‘play of colour’ of precious opal.

Disassociating itself from the canon Star Wars movie franchise, building an almost entirely different universe (galaxy) at the same time.

Then Ko TOR II: TSL comes along and absolutely crushes the writing (Bias inc, it's my favourite game of all time).

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