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Lower keys dating

- 1733 – On July 15th a 22-ship treasure fleet was struck at the Keys by hurricane, leaving 13 ships sank or grounded, forever, in the 80 miles between Elliott Key and Key Vaca.

The lightship Florida at Carysfort was severely damaged, but repairable.

- 1846 – Some experts estimate that if today's measuring devices had been available, the Great Hurricane of 1846 (October 11 and 12) would have been a category-5 hurricane.

The collector of customs, Steven Mallory, wrote that of 600 houses at Key West all but eight were destroyed or damaged.

- 1780 – A hurricane possibly affecting the Dry Tortugas wrecked a Spanish fleet between there and the western end of Cuba - 1785 – Heavy damage sustained at Havana in a hurricane; 4 vessels sank in the harbor.

- 1791 – On June 21st and 22nd a “horrible storm” occurred at Havana resulting in 3,000 people on the island killed principally by flood waters. approached some degree of habitation, hurricane reporting began to improve mainly because of more people, mail and newspapers.

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5th a hurricane struck a Spanish treasure fleet from Havana, sinking or grounding 8 ships at the Keys, including the Atocha, found by Mel Fisher 363 years later, in 1985. In this second hurricane the Atocha broke into 2 parts at her gunports; the deck floated several miles away from the hull, spilling cannon all the way.

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