Manager dating worker lawsuit

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Manager dating worker lawsuit

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about discrimination suit: A co-worker has filed a lawsuit against our employer for discrimination,(age,sex,gender). Since then, our workplace has become stressful and she continually files false grievances to further her lawsuit.

We are all fed-up but were told to try to ignore it.

She may be correct or not, but it can make work very unpleasant, as you have found.

We are not attorneys and don’t have any specific legal knowledge about these situations, but the attorney representing your company would be able to advise about how to handle the status of the employee.

As you mentioned, the employee could be placed on paid leave, but usually can’t be forced to do that.

In addition, if the employee is out on leave, her work would have to be done by others, which could have a negative impact on the business. Unless there is some severe problem, most businesses choose to keep the employee at work.

Insights for Employers Over the course of my twenty-three year legal career, I have provided legal advice and counsel in well over two hundred claims of sexual harassment.

, dating a co-worker is a fairly common occurrence, with 39 percent of workers saying they have dated a co-worker at least once during their career.

having employees engaged in an open office romance sign Consensual Relationship Agreements.

Unfortunately, human behavior dictates that there will always be employees engaged in secret office relationships.

I doubt that you would accomplish very much by talking to HR at this point anyway.

Concerns about the lawsuit are probably more serious in their minds than employee frustrations.

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