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It cites the need to “adequately, consistently and objectively require, regulate, promote and inform the public on the use of child restraint systems.” Under the law, no child 12 years and below shall be allowed to sit in a front seat of a motor vehicle with running engine unless the child meets the height requirement of at least 150 centimeters (4’11”) and is properly secured using the regular seat belt.“It shall be unlawful for the driver of a covered vehicle not to properly secure at all times a child, in a child restraint system while the engine is running,” the law states.Status of This Memo This Internet-Draft is submitted in full conformance with the provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.Internet-Drafts are working documents of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).“The child restraint system shall be appropriate to the child’s age, height, and weight.” The use of child restraint system shall not be required in circumstances where its use would put such child in greater danger, such as during medical emergencies or when the child has a medical or developmental condition.

The law aims to guarantee the safety and welfare of infants and children and prevent traffic-related deaths and injuries.Copyright Notice Copyright (c) 2016 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. This document is subject to BCP 78 and the IETF Trust's Legal Provisions Relating to IETF Documents ( in effect on the date of publication of this document.Please review these documents carefully, as they describe your rights and restrictions with respect to this document.They've constantly argued for ongoing analysis of current threats, and focusing on setting up basic defenses first and foremost, instead of reacting against the latest doom and gloom ICS malware threat reported in the press. Using SEIA to isolate and segment portions of the US power grid in the case of an attack is a good start, but Slowik, just like Lee, argues for a different approach."Regulation is good to force people to do things but is often backward looking and not nuanced enough to capture real problems," Slowik said."In the case of US electric, I think - based on my own experience - companies are already taking threats seriously and are working to improve."A better approach, in my opinion, would be providing support and resources to smaller municipalities and co-op utilities that can't afford to invest in security," the Dragos researcher said.

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Code Components extracted from this document must include Simplified BSD License text as described in Section 4.e of the Trust Legal Provisions and are provided without warranty as described in the Simplified BSD License. The expectation is that in the coming years/decades IPv6 will become a predominant protocol in the Internet.

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