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Maronite catholic dating

And this continued until he was feared by every neighbor.

He entrenched himself in al-Hadath and held his nose high with arrogance and no one succeeded in tricking him...

Moreover, the low humidity of the grotto's air and the lack of organisms in its soil slowed the total decay of the bodies.The Patriarch was one of the infidels and their impious ones, hence the Muslims were relieved of him and were spared his wickedness.His capture was a great conquest, greater even more than the conquest of a stronghold or a fortress..." Reports similar to that of Ibn 'Abd az-Zahir are to be found in the margins of two Bibles from the al-Hadath region near the Monastery of 'Mar Aboun' (Monastery of Saint Anthony of Qozhayya).Meanwhile, the Mamelukes overtook Egypt, Syria, and Palestine, and set out to conquer Lebanon and expel the Crusaders.As modern scholars have pointed out, the Maronites, who constituted the majority population of that County, "in fact, the effective military assistance rendered by the Maronites to the Franks of Tripoli must have been one of the factors that helped the County face repeated Muslim attacks successfully and outlast the other Crusader states." One particular raid was recorded in Ibn 'Abd az-Zahir's chronicle during his service as Secretary of the Court of three Mamluk Sultans (1223-1292 AD).

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