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I knew the opportunity to have him as my first might not happen again.

Plus, I had no interest in going back to Hofstra a virgin; decent guys were slim pickings there. Not painful like I expected, but it definitely didn’t feel as good as I thought it would.

At our respective young ages we could feel the strong energy we shared, but neither of us knew how to act upon it.

This didn’t prevent me from having many of the same experiences as my peers, including hooking up. The first to kiss my neck, my chest, up and down my body.

Last year the couple jetted off on a number of exotic holidays, including luxury breaks in Mexico and Ibiza, where Nicole celebrated her birthday.

In August 2018 the couple celebrated their one year anniversary, with Joe writing: “1 Year Today.

He was my first choice to take my virginity, and when he invited me over, I rushed to his house.

We made out for a while, and I took pleasure in pleasuring him.

EMMERDALE’S Joe-Warren Plant, 16, is in a relationship with a 22-year-old woman.On the drive home, I sang as loud as I could to the song “I Just Had Sex,” which was probably the most enjoyable part of the night.With the weight of virginity finally off my shoulders, I began to make up for lost time, having sex with practically any attractive guy who looked my way. Although I know now that most of them were never deserving of me, I don’t regret it.I had to wait at least eight weeks to do any physical activity, so as I counted down the days, I planned.My high school fling and I had kept in touch over the years, making out a couple times, and he was intrigued that I had completed my surgery.

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