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Specifies the number of network adapters installed on the destination computer.

When the OSDAdapter Count value is set, all the configuration options for each adapter must be set.

The variable will not be set if no Configuration Manager boot image package is associated.

This variable is set to true when the current task sequence step is running in the Windows PE environment, and it is set to false if not.

HD - specifies that the task sequence was started from a hard disk (prestaged media only).

The settings defined for each adapter are accessed by combining the array variable name with the zero-based network adapter index and the property name.

If the task sequence is running from stand-alone media, this variable is undefined.

Stores the Configuration Manager boot image package ID if a boot image package is associated with the current running task sequence.

By default, the dialog box is automatically dismissed after 900 seconds (15 minutes)..

Forces a specific targeted deployment on the destination computer to be run.

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UFD FORMAT - specifies that the task sequence is started by using USB media and that the USB media was created in Windows Vista or later. Stores the name of the computer that the task sequence will use to log all status messages.

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