Muslim dating rituals

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Muslim dating rituals

Naturally, these wives will likely have children and it is also the king’s duty to raise as many of them as his wives can produce for him.

This ceremony takes place in Swaziland’s royal capital Lobamba, where, prior to the ceremony, the girls take a ceremonial ritual bath in the river before they proceed to carry reeds they have collected to the Queen Mother’s palace.

The elders will then collectively decide if the wedding is to be or not to be.

Kola nuts are offered and exchanged to seal the deal as well as to celebrate when the official wedding announcement is made.

Cultures in Eastern African as well as the southern parts of the continent that share similar languages will sometimes have some marriage rituals in common.

Following is a quick run-down of some wedding rituals that are practiced across the continent.

a woman gets to choose the man she wants to be her husband.

In this community of other young couples they learn to make love and get used to more accustomed and used to each other…

they usually stay in this environment for five days.

Before the bride goes to her new husband’s home, she will receive some going-away presents from her family that will help her set up her new home.

Gifts include clothes, jewelry, a calabash, and more.

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doing so will result in banishment of his entire family from the village. check out what the Wodaabe nomads do all in the name of marriage.

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