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Nick rhodes duran duran dating

Le Bon may not be the most technically gifted vocalist in the world, but his voice is perfect for Duran Duran.

Nick Rhodes is arguably the musical brains behind the group, a wizard on the synthesizers and in the studio.

They’ve always carried the stigma of “style over substance,” aging MTV darlings forever stuck in the decadent ’80s.

Certainly style and visuals have always been important (which is true for almost any artist), but it goes hand in hand with superbly crafted, exhilarating and richly melodic pop/rock.

Five sexy and stylish Brits who were able to distill influences like Ultravox, Japan, David Bowie and Roxy Music into ultra-commercial new wave/pop anthems that, with the help of expensive and glamorous videos, appealed to a massive audience worldwide.

also It quickly became a trend in the 80s when he was most popular. If you are referring to Nick White from Bright Eyes/Tilly and the Wall/The Young Veins, then yes. He's been mentioned a few times on as giving his bands "gay cred." If you're referring to Nick White, the "adult film" star, I believe he is really gay (as opposed to gay for pay), but I'm not sure. Australian rugby star Nick Youngquest is not himself gay, but is a very prominent straight ally of the LGBT community, especially in the effort to end homophobia in sport and to stamp out anti-gay bullying.

At the peak of their success the levels of hysteria surrounding them rivaled Beatlemania.

The photogenic Simon Le Bon (vocals), Nick Rhodes (Keyboards) and the three unrelated Taylors (John on bass, Andy on guitar, Roger on drums) were on the covers of all the magazines, on nearly perpetual MTV rotation and their hits saturated the radio waves.

Casual listeners may be surprised to discover that Duran Duran never really left (the longest gap between new studio albums has been four years), and there is far more to discover than just a handful of their biggest ’80s hits.

They’ve endured, albeit through ups and downs, while most other bands that emerged alongside them are either riding the nostalgia circuit, or have long since disbanded.

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Duran Duran played to screaming hordes across the globe.

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