Nigerian dating scams john rollin complaints

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Others may pick up on the scammy vibes fairly quickly, but some people are a but more oblivious to the fact that someone is literally using their loneliness against them to drain their pockets dry.

Frauds, scams and schemes take a LOT of time, effort and patience– with some con artists waiting weeks, months or even years to establish a relationship before moving forward to the requests.

It is highly unlikely that a woman would immediately bring that up in conversation, unless “she” was trying to reel in a potential victim.

While it’s easiest for scammers to set their traps on multiple dating platforms, it’s also common for them to take to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites to hunt for their prey.

Just picture this: you wake up one day, immediately roll over towards your nightstand, and reach for your phone to check you Facebook feed, Instagram, whatever!

They have no remorse for their actions and will victimize anyone and everyone who will fall for their schemes.

The con artists don’t just pose as men, they pose as beautiful women, too!

A huge red flag for a Nigerian man posing as a woman– and I’m not even joking– is if their description or one of the first things they say to you is how nice and big their breasts are or how good their body is.

For example, a woman was almost scammed after lots of intricate fraudulent behavior that nearly went over her head, but she began to grow suspicious when her “boyfriend”– who claimed to be a US citizen overseas for work, mailed her a box of paperwork for her to fill out.

Some messages he sent read as follows: After a relationship was concretely established, the “boyfriend” began asking for favors, such as “I want you to assist me to pay the bill.”The woman took her suspicions to local authorities, who simply made one phone call and unveiled an extremely sophisticated fraud ring who had already scammed others out of millions collectively.

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