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Be- sides, he had an affection for his belching and liairy father, and quite sincerely cried when the blacksmith finally died of the rum bottle and a stroke.

Then, more than at any time, the nostalgia of permanence and the fiend of motion fought inside the boy, right there at the moment when his life was ending and beginning.

His novel Happy Valley was published in 1939; The Living and the Dead in. Cover drawing by Sidney Nolan To Manoly PART ONE chapter i A CART drove between the two big stringybarks and stopped. It was the first time anything like this liad happened in that part of the bush. She had begun to read in the beginning as a protection from the frightening and implcasant things. Tliis was not genteel, but at she was protected by a presence of brawn.

With her respect for these, she suspected, in all twilight and good faith, that they might be interpreted. He shifted beside his fire at the suggestion that he might have been. So also the words of songs floating in the dust and pepper trees of a country town at dusk do become personal.

But to the son, who had read the play of his mother’s Shakespeare, and of the Old Testament those passages in which men emerged from words, reading by day to the buzz of fly or at night wliilc puddle cracked, there seemed no question of interpretation. And once some woman, some whore, neither young nor pretty, had pressed her face against a windowpaiic and stared out, and Stan Parker had remembered her face because he shared the distance from whidi her eyes had looked.

The red dog, who had been lying with his nose on his paws, crawled forward on his belly and nuzzled and licked at the wrist of the man, who pushed him away on principle. The cold air flowing sluiced the branches of trees, surged through the standing tnmks, and lay coldly mounting in the gully. In the saucers that pocked the face of stone, water tightened and cracked.

A frosty, bloody hole, complained the man, from out of the half- sleep in which he had become involved, and twitched the bags tighter round his body. He knew that where his cart had stopped, he would stop. He would make the best of this cell in which he had been locked. He was neither a preacher nor a teacher, as his mother had hoped he might still become, almost up to the moment when they put her under the yellow grass at the bend in Willow Creek. He had driven a mob of skeleton sheep, and a mob of chafing, satin cattle; he had sunk a well in solid rock, and built a house, and killed a pig; he had weighed out the sugar in a country store, and cobbled shoes, and ground knives.

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How much of will, how much of fate, entered into this it was diificult to say. But he had not continued to do any of these things for long, because he knew that it was not intended.

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