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Nsa chat

UPDATE #2: Microsoft has spoken out against the government surveillance of its customers and joined other technology giants such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter by signing a jointly-authored document entitled 'Global Government Surveillance Reform'.The five point plan to curb the intrusion of mass surveillance calls for limits on governments' authority to collect user information and encourage greater oversight and accountability for agencies who undertake such surveillance.

The right to own your own conversations online: it’s not a given. “So over at Labs, we’re working on something that could solve for conversation security."We're not aware of any surveillance activity," the spokesperson said."If it has occurred as reported, it certainly wasn't done with our consent." Microsoft's statement echoes that of Blizzard, whose MMO World of Warcraft was also targeted by the NSA and GCHQ.The companies also want greater transparency from governments on what demands it makes of security agencies, and a greater respect for the free flow of information."People won't use technology they don't trust," Microsoft's legal boss Brad Smith commented.

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A September 2008 memo from GCHQ suggested that the agency was able to listen to voice chat on Xbox Live.

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