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Okcupid dating personalities

If you’re a person who knows what you want from a future friendship or relationship, you should have little trouble finding somebody to date or go out with as long as you’re honest with your answers to the questions and are straightforward about yourself.OKCupid was founded as an online dating site on March 5, 2004 and is now over twelve years old in terms of its’ existence.Chris Coyne, one of the founders of OKCupid also launched a site known as The Spark.com, which created the origins of the OKCupid matching system.The match test that was created which included personality questions and quizzes would eventually lead to a matching system that would put users together who had shown similar answers.The algorithm and system that OKCupid uses today to match similar-minded users began with The many years ago.

In 2007, OKCupid was listed by Time magazine as being in the ‘Top 10’ for dating websites and has received many other accolades and awards over the past decade., you really got Photos to share which can result in a hook-up with that man or woman of your dream.There are lots of personalities on Ok Cupid and you can become part of the community with just a few minutes sign Up.If you’re looking for a popular, versatile, and well-known online dating website, OKCupid may be the one for you.OKCupid can help you to find new friends, find somebody to hook up with and date, and you may even find a serious relationship or to start a marriage with someone if you search long enough.

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OKCupid is versatile in terms of assessing the needs and wants of its users regardless of their racial, religious, socioeconomic or ethnic background.

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