Online dating weed hemp marajuana

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Online dating weed hemp marajuana

Being both durable and a ‘breathable’ material, it has also been used for thermal insulation.As a paper product, hemp is both light and strong with a higher tear resistance so has been used for specialty items such as cigarette paper, filter papers and even bank notes.It is considered preferable as a medicine because it lacks the psychoactive side effect and has many other medical benefits.In addition to pain and nausea management, it is mainly used to treat seizures, inflammation, migraines, depression, psychosis or mental disorders.Cannabis has an extremely long history with the first documented case of its use dating back to the time of Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, who was regarded as the “father of Chinese medicine”, circa 2800 BC.The therapeutic use of cannabis is also mentioned in ancient texts of the Greeks, Romans, Indian Hindus and Assyrians.The very fact that recreational cannabis use has been illegal in most Western countries since the 1930s has meant it has been significantly under-researched by modern pharmacology.As clinical research on its medical benefits ramp up and its commercial uses are explored, this could mean an opportune time to invest – or will it just be a flash in a pan?

In addition to hemp’s use as a food or textile product, it has been used as a building material, combined with lime to make concrete-like bricks called ‘hempcrete’.Some of the documented medical indications of cannabis included treatment for rheumatic pain, constipation, malaria and female reproductive disorders.The founder of Chinese surgery, Hua T’o, was believed to have combined wine with a compound of the plant to make a ‘boil powder’ to anesthetise patients during surgical operations around 200 AD.Both compounds interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system to impact the release of neurotransmitters in your brain.These neurotransmitters relay messages between cells about pain, stress, sleep and many other functions.

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Each compound interacts differently to produce different effects on the body.