Online sex chats with real people

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Adults can exploit this natural curiosity by talking about sex and introducing new things that might be inappropriate.Direct your child to age appropriate information about sex and relationships at Childline or Brook.In their offline world, children are often taught to do as they are told and follow adult instruction.From teachers to parents, most young people are socialised to accept adults authority.

Encourage young people to use their devices in spaces where some level of supervision is possible, for example, a family room or living room Encourage your child to identify safe and trusted adults.Remind your child that they can always speak to an adult they trust if they are worried no matter what may have happened.Take time to know how to report on social media sites and apps to prevent offenders continuing to harm.It can be helpful for your child to know who to talk to if something does go wrong, and it can help to suggest taking a break from an app for a period of time.This can help them learn from what happened, rather than banning them from the internet all together.

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Developmental stage: Children’s brains are still developing so it is hard for them to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

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