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Osu grad student speed dating

🏆🏆Throughout her time as the FW Club’s advisor, our club has increased in the breadth and depth of our community impact.

Over the course of the 2018-2019 academic year alone, Professor Arbuckle has supported our club and helped us directly impact more than 1,900 people in Corvallis and surrounding communities. 🥧 🥊 There is plenty of food and fun at the The Fisheries and Wildlife Club BBQ!

Oregon State University Ecampus Andrea Fuchs dreamed of becoming a scientist, but something stood in her way: self-doubt.

To earn her Oregon State degree in fisheries and wildlife sciences online, she needed to pass a series of chemistry classes and labs. Marita Barth made sure that we knew science was for everyone.

Alan Dennis from Oregon State University Extension Service created a supplemental animation that illustrates the methods used in this study, and the visual storytelling is amazing!

Want to contribute to the Fisheries and Wildlife department directly on Dam Proud Day?

When it comes to sharing space, humans and wildlife don’t see eye to eye.

Research done here at Oregon State University examined how water levels experience by tadpoles and soil moisture experienced by terrestrial juveniles impact movement behavior.

Did you know that it's possible to understand the life history of sea turtles by looking at their bones?

May 23 is World Turtle Day and Matt Ramirez is looking into the past to help inform our future.

PSG Marbled Murrelet Technical Committee co-founder and current coordinator, 1996 PSG Chair, Kittlitz's Murrelet Technical Committee Member, NE Asia Seabird Conservation Committee Member... OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, College of Forestry at Oregon State University.

The environment we experience is important in shaping our behavior.

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Scarlett Arbuckle is extremely deserving of recognition of Advisor of the Year. Pacific Seabird Group Thanks, Adrian Gall, Pacific Seabird Group Past Chair for letting us know that in 2019, the PSG Student Research Grant will fund 4 grants worth $1,000 each, to: Undergraduate - Ray Martin (OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife) "Reproductive success and nest attendance comparison between urban and colonial breeding Western Gulls" Masters - Jacqui Glencross (University of Tasmania) "Breeding success of Little Penguins and Short-tailed Shearwaters on Huon Island, Tasmania" and Jill Tengeres (OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife) "The foraging niche of Aleutian Terns foraging in the Kodiak Archipelago" Ph D - Jaime Ojeda (University of Victoria) "Triangular biocultural interactions among Austral hake, seabirds, and fishers: looking for reciprocal contributions in the sub-Antarctic Channels" Many thanks to the students who applied for the awards and to their mentors for encouraging innovative proposals.