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Pantyhose dating us

During the 1940s and 1950s, stage and film producers would sew stockings to the briefs of their actresses and dancers, as testified to by singer-actress-dancer Ann Miller.

The most popular stockings were sheer hosiery which were first made of silk or rayon (then known as "artificial silk"), and after 1940 of nylon, which had been invented by Du Pont in 1938.Enjoy the Soft, Silky Feel of Pantyhose Any Time When You Connect with Singles Who Understand Your Wants and Needs.See Who Else Shares Your Taste for Garters, Hose, and All Things Slinky.Pantyhose may be composed of other materials such as silk, cotton, or wool.Pantyhose are available in a wide range of popular styles.

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In American English, the term "tights" typically refers to pantyhose-like garments made from thicker material, which are generally opaque or slightly translucent.