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Parental influence on dating

It was also reported that a significant long term relationship existed between a father’s neglectful parenting approach and delinquency in male children.

This gender-specific influential relationship can be compared to the strong gender-specific role model effect predicted by social learning theory.

However, the parenting styles theory is very reductionist and does not take into account other influences on childhood development and achievement, such as the socioeconomic status of the parents (Davis-Kean, 2005).

Both parents and peers may influence a child through exhibiting or reinforcing certain behaviours or attitudes or by disapproving or forbidding particular behaviours or attitudes.

For example, Scaglioni, Salvioni and Galimberti (2008) found that parental attitudes about food had a significant impact on their children’s attitudes toward food.

Furthermore, parental attitudes also had an impact on a child’s body satisfaction levels.

Parenting styles have been found to have an effect on adolescents’ achievement strategies (Aunola, Stattin and Nurmi, 2000), with adolescents with authoritative parents demonstrating the most positive strategies and adolescents with neglectful parents demonstrating the most maladaptive strategies.

The negative impact of a neglectful parenting style has been replicated in later studies. (2011) found that a neglectful parenting style was linked to a higher level of delinquency in males.

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The degree to which our parents and our peers influence our development has long been debated in scientific literature.

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