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It’s important not to answer immediately every time but you don’t want to keep him or her waiting too often.Rather than trying to keep his interest by playing hard to get, cultivate a genuinely varied and busy life.Instead of playing these games, work on the assumption that your date is with you for a reason.If you feel complacency creeping in, maybe it’s time to rethink your date and place value on yourself over his or her opinion of you.Women are more attracted to confident men who don’t smother them.

Honesty, trust, respect, integrity and love all make a strong basis for a successful relationship and none of those characteristics require one to play it cool.A common tactic when playing it cool is to not reply back to a text or Whats App on the same day.However, an eharmony poll of 1,000 single people found that being stand-offish is not enticing, with only 4% agreeing you should wait before replying to a message.When you do share more your date will feel they have earned your trust.Should you end phone calls and dates early just to show you’re in charge?

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Making your date jealous by flirting with someone else is sometimes seen as the perfect way to play it cool: supposedly your date will respond positively to the perceived competition.

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  1. "Or an opt-out button that lets you turn off the recommendation algorithm so that it matches randomly." He also likes the idea of modeling a dating app after games, with "quests" to go on with a potential date and achievements to unlock on those dates.