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If you are a polyamorous person it can be difficult to find a partner who wants the same thing as you from the beginning.

It makes the whole process of dating much less messy and stressful if you are on the same page before you form a connection you might have to break.

Here are two great meetups to get started with in Toronto: If you are a traveler meetup is another great way to meet people in the area and potentially go on a date.

During my last trip to Portland Oregon I used the site to find a polyamory meetup and had a great time.

From here you can exchange numbers, skype, and maybe eventually meet somewhere and do your thing.

Come to a local Polyamory Meetup to meet other supporters of multipartner relationships and families.

Talk about open relationships, polyfidelity, honesty, respect and alternate forms of commitment.

Despite laying down these ground rules I have still gotten a few clingy people that pretended to know what polyamory really is just to get a date with me.

However this happened much more in my late teens and early twenties.

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What is polyamory, open relationships or ethical non-monogamy?

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