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Real hermaphrodites

If you want to read actual people’s stories about what happened to them as children, when medical professionals intervened to “help” but actually did harm, you can read the many stories written by intersex people themselves, such as this one by Inter ACT’s executive director Kimberly Mascott Zieselman (here) or this interview with the supermodel Hanne Gaby Odiele, shown above (here).What they have endured (and what countless intersex children still experience) isn’t tabloid satire, but recognizing our culture’s insistence on making bodies “normal” at all costs should shock you just the same.Intersex activists have been trying to get physicians to stop performing these surgeries for at least 20 years and some are listening.The Human Rights Watch report brings these efforts to a much broader audience.To partition resources efficiently, simultaneous hermaphrodites should adjust the number of sperm transferred and eggs produced depending on relative traits of the sperm donor and sperm recipient.A few empirical studies have shown that hermaphrodites do flexibly adjust mating strategies depending on relative behaviors or traits of the current mate (De Witt, 1996; Peters and Michiels, 1996; Tomiyama, 1996; Vreys and Michiels, 1998; Yusa, 1996).

Thus, variation in individual traits within a population leads to multiple sex-allocation strategies that can produce equal outcomes in the game of sperm competition.

Individual variation in traits and circumstances may lead to the adoption of diverse strategies within populations rather than a single common strategy.

Actual mating strategies do vary between individuals within populations (e.g., Angeloni and Bradbury, 1999; De Witt, 1996; Otsuka et al., 1980; Petersen, 1995; Petersen and Fischer, 1996; Schärer et al., 2001; St.

Therefore, they can evolve sperm competition strategies similar to those studied in dioecious species (Baur, 1998; Charnov, 1996; Michiels, 1998).

Assuming a trade-off between resources (or energy) invested in sperm and eggs, any amount of resource devoted to sperm competition reduces that available for female function.

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Mary, 1994; Tomiyama, 1996; van Duivenboden and ter Maat, 1985; Yusa, 1996), and this variation is not currently explained by models that predict a single population strategy.

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