Red jacket firearms stephanie dating kris dating jessica stein

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Their children, however, is not the only thing Kris and Stephanie Hayden Ford have shared as a couple.

They were also arrested in October 2014 for alleged child abuse, after they were accused of beating Stephanie’s child from her previous relationship with a belt.

Hayden claimed that the allegations were false and made in retaliation by a vengeful ex-girlfriend, the 12-year-old girl's mother.

Hayden was additionally accused of aggravated rape by his oldest daughter.

There is no doubt that a show that ran for five seasons with a total of 65 episodes earned a considerable sum, both in advertisement and in increased business to their gun shop, Red Jacket Firearms.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Stephanie Hayden Ford is estimated to be worth a sum of 0,000.

The second, so far, is Kris Ford, whom she is currently married to.

Little is known of her relationship with Kris Ford, but the two of them are believed to share two children together.

Interestingly, Stephanie is known to have had a close relationship with her father, which began all the way since she was a child when she was handed her own gun at the age of five by her father.She told police that she was raped 22 years before when she was 12 by her father, Hayden.She came forward after the allegations were made against Hayden.His side business began to take off, and in 1999, he sold his main business and officially opened Red Jacket Firearms.The name of the company is the translation of his mother's name, Osguma, which means "red jacket" in Choctaw.

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was the brainchild of Will Hayden, father of Stephanie Hayden Ford.