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Rheumatoid arthritis dating sites

Your comments indicate that you do not know much about the reality of the disease beyond one potential outcome that you insist on presenting for shock value.

I can also adjust the content of the internal caption if it is felt this will improve option 4-2) Doc James, Jfdwolff, Shibbolethink, Jschnur, Thisnotnpov, Ozzie10aaaa, Ian Furst, Flyer22 Reborn, Spicy Milk Boy, Nick CT, please forgive the additional ping, but would you all mind giving your impressions on this hybrid approach as a middle ground alternative to break the deadlock? :) I should probably reiterate at this point that I can (and probably should) add the word "advanced" or "severe" to in-file caption for 4-2; the out-of-file caption might be eliminated if consensus adopts this version, in which case it would be helpful to add some of the caveat about swelling this severe being avoidable for many patients benefiting from contemporary treatments, in order to address Thisnotpov's concerns.

While policy does not prohibit that, it is clear from the comments here that every other editor is weighing the options against one-another based on relative positive merits of each option, not just an effort to game one potential outcome.

So the hybrid version may very well address the concerns of the other editors: we shall see, but at a minimum, this discussion is not a zero sum conflict for the rest of us, as it appears to be for you.

knowledgeable should look up the original study and see if it is worth adding to this Wiki article.

Phantom in ca (talk) , 1 February 2018 (UTC) I removed the top image, which showed an advanced case of RA in an elderly patient who did not have access to the medications we have today.

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