Romania dating customs

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Places likely to be crowded: On a related note, Romanians do not have a strong obsession with germs.Therefore it is quite ordinary to be surrounded by coughing, sneezing, wheezing, hacking, sniffling, nose-wiping people all around you.One of the advantages in writing about Romanian culture is that it is so heterogeneous, meaning that most of what you will read below is applicable just about anywhere in the country.If you’re from a culture that highly values a lot of personal space, Romania is quite often going to seem quite crowded and even claustrophobic to you.Romanians have a completely different theory on the origin of sickness and therefore very few “germaphobe” products are sold here such as hand sanitizer, those multivitamin packs to prevent colds, etc. Also expect a lot fewer “individually wrapped” items, such as straws, beverage containers and utensils.Romania’s policies are a heck of a lot more “earth friendly” but if you’re hyper anxious about germs and other people touching your things, this isn’t the country for you.If you’re a woman – quite frankly you don’t need to shake anyone’s hands at all. If you do get in a situation to shake someone’s hand, simply hold yours out loose and unmoving.

Trying to show how you are quite a fine masculine fellow and demonstrating it with an iron grip isn’t really done in Romania.

Again, it’s usually best to wait for Romanians in question to begin the hand shaking because it really isn’t de rigeur outside of some strictly professional situations.

Since handshakes often accompany introductions, here is how to properly introduce yourself: Whether shaking hands or just a courtesy bow to the person in question, you say your name and they will say their name to you.

There are a lot of daily situations where you’re going to be in very tight quarters with a lot of people around you.

Furthermore, Romanians quite often have the tendency to bunch up very close together in situations like lines (queues) and it can be disconcerting to have someone right behind you “breathing on your neck”, sometimes literally.

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While there is involved in being jostled around a very crowded bus or subway car, it can be quite a stressful experience for people not used to such situations.

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