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Romanian dating girls

Eventually, the guy gave in (without her really asking for the money) and offered to send the money for her to fix her teeth.As soon as she had the money, she blocked the dude and never talked to him again. Although times are changing in Romania too, usually Romanian girls are very dedicated to their partners and extremely loyal and supportive.Now that’s a bit of work for 200 Euros, but if she manages to do that to at least 3 people per month, she’s already over the average salary in Romania… There are no reasons for her to spend nights out on her own, be unavailable for hours (without a real reason) or refuse to introduce you to her friends. Again, times are changing, but most of the people living in Romania are not used to eating out a lot.Most likely, if that happens, she does it because she has obligations and meets other people. Fancy restaurants are generally out of the question, too. The more beautiful she is, the easier to act like this.The comment that inspired me to write this article talked about a girl that just finished college, had no job and no plans to get one soon, yet she had an 80,000 EUR apartment paid in full (this is a humongous amount here in Romania) and driving a 2011 BMW, which was all paid for too.Unless her parents were incredibly rich and supported her, that money came from taking advantage of other men’s weaknesses.So always be on the lookout and if she has things she can’t really afford, be careful! If she asks for money or subtly hints that you should give her some, she might not be the soul mate you are looking for.

She might not be with you for your good looks and charming personality…Talking about girls in Romania is very difficult, as there are many possible approaches and generalization might not work, as each girl has her own personality and purpose in life and ways to achieve it, but after receiving a comment from Eric, I decided to try and tackle this delicate matter and write this Romanian Girls “guide” that will hopefully help all those interested in meeting a Romanian lady and know if they can find true love in Romania or they’re just going to get burned and taken advantage of.First things first: 99% of the girls that I know in this country are amazing persons who would always put love above financial gains and would not even accept the idea of receiving a monthly “allowance” from their boyfriends.I know a few girls who invest all the money they have in fancy clothes, visits to the nail & hair saloon and all possible methods to improve their looks with the only goal in mind being that of getting the attention of the people with money.They dress to attract attention and, very importantly, they play hard to get (in order not to make their true intentions obvious).

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If she expects to eat out a lot – or do any activities that aren’t so common here in Romania (visiting other countries during the weekends, taking short vacations, ordering expensive items), she might not be interested in true love, but getting the most of your money while they last. This generally means that she will do her best to let you know that it’s your win if you’re dating her.

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