Row cannot be located for updating ado

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Row cannot be located for updating ado

This section will examine some of the more interesting errors and explain some specific situations that can raise them, or solutions to fix the problem.

Both the Error Value Enum constant and the short positive decimal number are listed.

The object you are trying to access has been locked by another user or by another process in your application. Provider cannot locate the storage device indicated by the URL. The URL of the storage device might be incorrect, but this error can occur for other reasons.

This is most likely to arise in a multi-user environment. The device might be offline or a large volume of network traffic might prevent the connection from being made.

Another user might have changed or deleted the field you are trying to access. For further information, examine the Status property of individual field objects.

This error can occur in two situations: when changing a Field object's value in the process of changing or adding a record to the database; and when changing the properties of the Field object itself.

Object represented by the specified URL is locked by one or more other processes.

Call either Rollback Trans or Commit Trans before closing the object.

The application attempted to assign a new Connection object to a Recordset that has a Command object as its source.

Operation cannot be performed while processing event.

See the provider's documentation to determine what file-sharing restrictions are supported.

The idea is to use a single API that applications can use to interact with many different sources of data.

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The Error Value Enum constant describes the ADO error values.