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Ryan eggold is dating kellan lutz

This is the url for the 2010 thread: Quasar's first post to start this thread off he inserted links to the 3 archive threads.Just open each thread and click on thread tools, then choose search this thread.The pilot was written by Gabe Sachs, Jeff Judah and Rob Thomas, and directed by Mark Piznarski.The episode, aired with "The Jet Set" in a two-hour premiere, averaged 4.9 million viewers on its original broadcast.

Matthews asks another student, Naomi Clark, to show Annie around the school.

It wouldn't do any good to search on this one as it's only just been started and there's nothing to search yet.

This is the url for the 2010 thread: I haven't been here long enough to know all the ins and outs. You would have to go to the 2010 thread or the 2009 thread first.

Just click on it and type in the person/thing/place/etc you are searching for.

can please anyone fake the 4 guys from Big Time Rush? They are SOOO HOT James Maslow () Schmidt (2.11.1990) Pena Jr.

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After class, Naomi talks to Annie about her busy life and upcoming birthday party.