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T” and “The Divine Fury” both made a strong start at the Korean box office! “The Divine Fury,” a supernatural action thriller starring Park Seo Joon, Woo Do Hwan, and Ahn Sung Ki as forces in an epic battle between good and evil, came in at No. The film drew a total of 380,106 moviegoers on its opening day, with its cumulative score rising to 406,327 with the addition of its advance screening numbers. T,” a new disaster film starring Jo Jung Suk and Girls’ Generation’s Yoon A as two ordinary people attempting to escape a city poisoned by toxic gas, took No. The film drew a total of 490,026 moviegoers on its opening day, with that total rising to 529,245 with the addition of its advance screening numbers.While an error will usually eventually be generated, the check flagged as causing the error may not actually bear any relationship to the actual source of the problem.In order to produce better error messages in these cases, the “ It is often useful to match a pattern and then verify that it occurs again later in the file.

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Additionally, “The Divine Fury” also managed to beat the first-day ticket sales of this year’s record-breaking hit film “Extreme Job,” which drew a total of 368,582 moviegoers on its opening day. T.” and “The Divine Fury” on their impressive starts!

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