Same last name dating are emily procter and david caruso dating

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Same last name dating

Send questions for Cecil Adams to: [email protected] comments about this website to: [email protected] of Use / Privacy Policy Advertise on the Straight Dope!(Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks.)Copyright 2018 STM Reader, LLC.Of course, I embrace the name thing when it suits me. Love the Steins,” reads the little card accompanying the pair of miniature beer steins given to out-of-town relatives. “The bride will continue to use her name professionally,” I wrote on our wedding announcement. It spares me a lot of decision making, plenty of paperwork, and a potential identity crisis.I promised my father years ago I’d never change my name—and given that my mother still goes by her maiden name, it had always seemed like an obvious choice for me.

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And yet, when we went to City Hall to get our license and the electronic form for Spouse A was on the screen before me, I read the words, “Will you be changing your name?