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Had to do a bit of bending to get this to fit right, I don't think the scooter crash bars are helping anything, they may have to be removed. I decided to try and fix the lean by readjusting the bracket and toe-in. Update: Put new shocks on the front and rear, I put a Sebac on the front and just a stock shock on the rear. Adjust the sidecar down so it is somewhat level (front to back).

Check tire pressure in all tires Front: 20-22 psi Rear: 28-30 psi Sidecar: 20-22 psi Loosen the main bolts on the scooter (left picture) and the bolts on the sidecar (right picture). Lay a board or other stright-edge alongside the sidecar wheel and a board alongside the front and rear scooter wheels. I will need to adjust the lean in and toe-in again. Now the scooter and sidecar should be even and the lean should be alot less.7. This took quite a bit of readjusting, I spent at least an hour on it. If the toe-in is good and the lean is good, retighten all the bolts for the bracket tubes.9. Ride it and see if the adjustment is good, repeat if needed. I will have to re-adjust it again when I put new shocks on.

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Yesterday I saw the link about Jaime's post on twitter. We had a lot of fun together and shared a ton of laughs along the way.

I really miss working with her but I consider her a good friend so that will be forever.

Bracket before adjustment, both scooter and sidecar tube are roughly the same height. I used an angle grider with a cut-off wheel to remove the part of the bracket that was hitting the brake lever. It doesn't look as nice as Buellers but it will work.

This is the amount of lean I had initially, It was too much lean-out. Be careful with this, I ground a bit from the brake lever and hit the scooter body Bracket is "modified", now I need to get a different bolt.

I limit my clothes so I can bring along the knitting! I love having all of the projects from the book to share.

After mounting the bracket, the brake lever does not return all the way home Drill new holes for the remaining bolts of the sidecar bracket (use 3/8" bit) and attach bolts Scooter with sidecar mount Assemble the side car wheel (parts are laid out in order). Be sure to use the cotter pin on the outer nut and bend the tabs over the nut on the inner nut The wheel is on Attach the sidecar with the 4 bolts and rubber washer.

Better get help on this one.....thanks to my wife Jasie. Attach the sidecar stay to the seat bolts of the scooter.

I will continue to update my schedule as the months go by.

I have put up my schedule on the top of my blog sidebar so you can quickly see if I am coming to your city/town/yarn shop/bookstore. December 12, 2009am-pm Stitcher's Crossing Mineral Pt. Madison, WI 53705 meet & greet, trunk show and book signing know the spots are very limited so contact them right away if you are interested in joining me. Thank you to Artisan for sending me in person to all of these wonderful locations.

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Initial distance was 40.5" front 42.5" back Measure distance between inside of rear wheel on the scooter and the inner edge of the board Measure the distance from the inside of the front wheel on the scooter to the inner edge of the board The difference in distance is the toe-in. It rides really strange, it will take some getting used to. This is the bracket after adjustment, now the sidecar tube is higher than the scooter tube. Lean-out after adjustment, the scooter now sits with a slight lean-in.

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