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Not only were the males outnumbered, but also they did not even get close to the prize.

Lucie, SFR’s virtual assistant was awarded first prize, following in the virtual footsteps of Emma, a virtual assistant for MMA, in 2010. On the Web, the field of financial expertise is nearly exclusively entrusted to virtual guys, such as Thomas at Natixis Interépargne Bank. How can it be that online, young women are not perceived to be credible to talk about “big bucks”?

Justine joined Cantoche in 2001 and leads the Professional Services staff and coordinates the implementation of Living Actor™ solutions from early conceptual stages to final delivery. Online assistant or Customer Relationship manager between the ages of 25-35 wanted.

Senior position available for youthful applicant without wrinkles!

“The subconscious minds of a million Silicon Valley programmers — mostly male — seem to have devised a counteroffensive: If you can’t have a real woman who will cater to your every whim, buy a virtual one.

It’s man-made culture on steroids.” Read the full Op-Ed at NBC News.

Ninety percent of online virtual characters, or avatars, are women…

Could it be that virtual females are just better than their male counterparts, or are most uses for avatars today better suited as female representations?

She’s got an 88% customer satisfaction rate, and her resolution time is about 3.9 minutes." @autodesk on their Watson-powered virtual assistant: EKai AQF — IBM Watson (@IBMWatson) December 9, 2018 “Maybe the she-bots are partly a reaction to a century of rapid changes in which women gained professional opportunities and more control over their bodies than they ever had in human history,” Parramore wrote.The applicant should have a short first name ending with an “A” (e.g. Today, many companies hire young women of a new and different kind: virtual assistants for Websites.You probably can’t imagine a Wanted Ad such as the one above being real, but these are common design requirements that illustrate the attention to detail that is necessary to design a virtual assistant.L’accordo Autodesk è il primo grande progetto di Soul Machines, dopo un progetto pilota con l’Australia National Disability Insurance Agency da febbraio a settembre 2016 e alcune dimostrazioni di proof-of-concept, come una recente con Air New Zealand.Greg Cross, Chief Business Officer di Soul Machines, dice che l’azienda sta lavorando su altri otto progetti con “grandi marchi”, ma ha rifiutato di citarli.

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In 2011, the jury had to choose among 20 virtual candidates.

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