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Single parent dating columbus ohio

If you cannot afford to hire an attorney there are still options. They can assist you with issues such as eviction, domestic abuse, denial of social services and more. Weatherization Assistance for single mother households If your primary heating system is unsafe you may be eligible to have the system repaired or replaced.Ohio Legal Services does not handle criminal cases. The Ohio Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) provides single moms.Foreclosure mediation is a resource eligible homeowners can consider if they are behind on their mortgage or dealing with a foreclosure.In some cases, mediation may stop the foreclosure process.

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Warm Choice The Warm Choice offers energy inspections, space and water heating system repairs or replacement, insulation, air sealing and health and safety measures as needed to single mother households who meet the criteria.

Medical Certificate If you or a member of your household has a serious medical condition, a Medical Certificate can delay the disconnection of service for 30 days.

To contact the clinic and make an appointment with the appropriate staff go here.

Legal Assistance If you are involved in a civil matter you need the help of a legal professional.

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Heat Share Heat Share is a program that combines contributions from customers, employees and shareholders to assist customers who have exhausted all other forms of financial assistance or who have special hardships.