Soap stars dating

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Soap stars dating

So far, both Kristina and Blake aren’t admitting to anything.Kristina did notice that the fans were asking the same thing over and over, but she didn’t go as far as to answer them.If they weren’t dating, you would think that she would deny it.Kristina can tell for sure that the fans want her date Blake.Which is exactly what happened in 2014 when Billy Miller entered the role.

However, at the storylines, all arrows pointed to Franco.But, much like any storyline involving characters who come back from the dead, there are some major plot holes in this story.First off, how did Victor Cassadine even come across Jason, to help save him in the first place?Was it a ‘in the right place at the right time’ scenario?Then the entire idea of preserving Jason’s body, and placing him in a cryogenic state is ridiculous, to say the least. Have they been watching too many Disney movies over the years? Once Jason returned to Port Charles, it was revealed that his son with Elizabeth, little Jake, was alive as well.

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She did return about a year later, but then abruptly left again in 2005 to pursue the girls’ bio-dad, Frisco Jones and live a spy life, saving the world from evil. Felicia was a dedicated mom, and while Mac was someone she could trust, it seemed so out of character for her to jeopardize her time with her kids for a man that always seemed to leave her high and dry.