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Speed dating canberra review

A space designed to break arrogant males with sissification and extreme female transformation, mistresses have ready access to a large wardrobe for slut training and can even emasculate their subjects through ‘castration surgery’ (see above).

Aptly named, the Red Dungeon is the prime anal training play room and there is a sling for easy access by the mistress.

131 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008 Situated in the south of the city between Victoria Park and Prince Alfred Park, the Kastle is considered to be Sydney’s most successful professional dungeon.

Operating for 25 years, the venue has five speciality dungeon rooms, each offering a slightly different theme or kink.

As well as the usual ropes, whips, paddles, harnesses, hoods and gags, the door to the Black Dungeon is fitted with a peep-hole to allow voyeurs to witness your humiliation.

22 Burton Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 https://temple22au/ Situated right in the heart of Darlinghurst and just a few minutes’ walk from Hyde Park, Temple 22 is another popular BDSM dungeon in Sydney.

There are five rooms at Temple 22, each themed slightly differently and offering a different experience of BDSM sessions.

The smallest of the five rooms and an intimate torture chamber, the Black Dungeon features a bondage chair, bench and pole running from floor to ceiling.With the closure of Salon Kitty’s in 2013, there are now just three main dungeons in Sydney that are open to the public for hire.The details of these venues is described below along with contact information, opening hours and information about facilities.Equipped with suspension and bondage gear, the Blue Dungeon offers an alternative space for similar kinds of sessions offered in the Red and Black dungeons.The Kastle is run by professional dominatrix, Mistress Scarlett, who has been working in the dungeon industry since 1991.

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The latter makes this ideal for watersports, enemas and toilet play whilst the former is a great space for some al-fresco bondage.