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The test is designed to measure basic science knowledge.Some questions test the examinee's fund of information per se, but the majority of questions require the examinee to interpret graphic and tabular material, to identify gross and microscopic pathologic and normal specimens, and to solve problems through application of basic science principles.

In most instances, knowledge of normal processes is evaluated in the context of a disease process or specific pathology.IMPORTANT: Please visit the USMLE website often to view announcements, regarding changes in the test delivery software, and to access updated practice materials.You must obtain the most recent information before taking any USMLE examination.The categorizations and content coverage are subject to change.Broad-based learning that establishes a strong general understanding of concepts and principles in the basic sciences is the best preparation for the examination.

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All USMLE examinations are constructed from an integrated content outline, which organizes content according to general principles and individual organ systems.

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