Stories of wives physically intimidating husbands

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Stories of wives physically intimidating husbands

But being married to a narcissistic husband can be a very complicated and thorny journey.A narcissistic husband can be vain, insensitive to your needs, violent, and exceptionally critical of you.After the honeymoon period, the narcissistic husband starts berating his wife, criticizing her behavior and pointing out each and every detail that bothers him.His wife stays with him at this point because she feels trapped and helpless, still in the throes of the emotional “hook”.There is a difference between narcissistic abuse and sadistic abuse; when a narcissist hurts you, he is oblivious to your pain but when a s****t hurts you, he does it to see and enjoy your pain.The story is the similar for most women who marry a narcissist: Boy meets girl; boy sweeps girl off her feet; boy marries girl; boy changes soon after.I also kind of picture the cast of Big Love when I think of Angelina and Mia, especially wives one and three, but with a very Alpha male, very powerful, very black, husband, Don, like a more intimidating, and stronger willed, Denzel Washington, with Schwartzineger's body, but even bigger, taller, and impeccably dressed from his bespoke tailored power suits to his Egyptian cotton black calf length socks and handmade heavy leather shoes on his size 13 feet.His cock is, of course, so big it makes Angelina and Mia blush every time they look at him.

It is a story about the breaking and opening up of the cuckold's heart and how he and his new bride learn, under the severe hand of the Alpha male and his sympathetic but strict first wife, to accept and live out their roles in the Alpha male's polygamous family.

A narcissist can be very intense in the beginning of a relationship and bombard you with love and attention, and placing you on a pedestal. However, his true personality starts to reveal itself as the wife endures his criticism, insults, possible beatings or other forms of abuse.

Loving and living with a narcissist takes a heavy toll; the wife takes years of abuse and loses her sense of self-worth and remains submissive to his demands.

A heavy, uncircumcised, and very, very long, curved and perfect heartbreaker that no woman can ever forget the feel of deep in her womb.

----------------------------------------------- Bigger Love, Episode 1 - Previously on Bigger Love Previously on Bigger Love, that is, in previous episodes which I might get around to writing in more detail someday, My fiancée, Mia, and I are overjoyed at being allowed to rent a little house at a bargain price.

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Living with a person like that can be destructive and demoralizing.

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