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The reality star believes she has a story to offer of how Cory discovered he was a father.

And she also hopes to bring awareness about VLCAD through the show.

Cheyenne caught the photography bug in high school when she traveled with her family to places like Kenya, Hong Kong, Cuba, Mexico, and France.

She shares some of her creative work on her website.

A pediatrician told Cheyenne to take Ryder to a hospital immediately to run some tests.

After consulting a specialist, Cheyenne sought out as much knowledge as she could about VLCAD.

They made their Teen Mom debut last night and are expecting to be regulars in the next season.And in severe cases, VLCAD can result in liver and heart complications.On her You Tube channel, Cheyenne revealed that she found out Ryder had VLCAD two days after she was born.Cheyenne and Cory’s relationship status was unknown until December 2017, when they both announced they were parents to Ryder. They have a You Tube channel called Raising Ryder, to vlog their adventures in co-parenting their daughter.The channel is mostly managed by Cheyenne, but it also features Cory., where cameras will document them co-parenting Ryder.

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But some Teen Mom fans didn’t accept Cheyenne’s casting.