Top 10 christian dating site

Posted by / 15-Nov-2020 03:57

It just goes to show you that times are changing, and online dating is becoming a thing of the majority over the minority.

A whopping 44% of Christian singles are trying 3-5 dating apps and sites.

The surprisingly good news is that the VAST MAJORITY said they’re meeting decent people, just not finding a good match for them.

The good news is, people aren’t going crazy with this.Those aren’t bad odds if you’re looking for a date.Okay, so I wasn’t that blunt in asking the question – but I wanted to know what type of people they were meeting online!If nothing else, I thought this survey pointed to the fact that online dating like a great opportunity to practice your interactions with the opposite sex and start the process of getting to know people.So how many of those casual interactions actually translated into a real life date?

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