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The territory of Si Khottaboon encompassed mostly northern Isan and central Laos.Below the Kra Isthmus was the place of Malay civilisations.Following their conquest of Malacca in 1511, the Portuguese sent a diplomatic mission to Ayutthaya.A century later, on 15 August 1612, The Globe, an East India Company merchantman bearing a letter from King James I, arrived in "the Road of Syam".Legendary Suvarnabhumi Central Thailand Dvaravati Lavo Supannabhum Northern Thailand Singhanavati Ngoenyang Hariphunchai Southern Thailand Pan Pan Raktamaritika Langkasuka Srivijaya Tambralinga Nakhon Si Thammarat Sultanate of Pattani Kedah Sultanate Malacca Sultanate Satun Reman The country's designation as Siam by Westerners likely came from the Portuguese.Portuguese chronicles noted that the Borommatrailokkanat, king of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, sent an expedition to the Malacca Sultanate at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in 1455.These states fought each other and were under constant threat from the Khmers, Burma and Vietnam.

The Mun River in particular is home to many "moated" sites composed of mounds surrounded by ditches and ramparts.The eastern parts of the Chao Phraya valley were subjected to a more Khmer and Hindu influence as the inscriptions are found in Khmer and Sanskrit.Dvaravati was not a kingdom but a network of city-states paying tribute to more powerful ones according to the mandala political model.After the end of the absolute monarchy in 1932, Thailand endured sixty years of almost permanent military rule before the establishment of a democratically elected-government system. Prior to the southwards migration of the Tai peoples from Yunnan in the 10th century, mainland Southeast Asia had been a home to various indigenous communities for thousands of years.The discovery of Homo erectus fossils such as Lampang man is an example of archaic hominids.

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Dvaravati art, including the Buddha sculptures and stupas, showed strong similarities to those of the Gupta Empire of India.

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