Updating garmin nuvi 1350t

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Updating garmin nuvi 1350t

The 90-day counter starts ticking when the device acquires satellites for the first time, so if you’re giving a GPS unit as a gift, the recipient can still take advantage of the program for 90 days following the initial use.Even if the GPS unit isn't giving incorrect directions or not finding certain roads, it's a good idea to download and install Garmin's Express software on your computer when you're getting close to the 90-day mark because you can't go back and check for free updates after that.If you plan on keeping your GPS unit for a long time and think you’ll want to update frequently, you can take advantage of Garmin’s nu Maps Lifetime package for your region.When you purchase nu Maps Lifetime, you can install any updated street maps and location information changes as soon as they’re available for your device without having to pay for each individual update.

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Garmin requires that you pay for most of its offered map updates, but you may qualify for a free update if you’ve recently purchased your Garmin GPS device.