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Updating jailbreak

Of course, your jailbreak status will escape once you upgrade the i Phone through OTA or else IPSW. And besides Over The Air technique will certainly put you into trouble.Moreover, if will not let you capture proper jailbreak approach either in future for i Tunes setup is the recommended technique.If you are confident that the update that you wish to go to has a jailbreak (the most recent version of i OS as of the day you choose to update), then you should be ok to jailbreak it back again.That would be the only way to be updated and jailbroken, unfortunately I doubt there is a backup for the latest version of i OS.Though Apple does not support the process, jailbreaking your phone will not prevent you from backing up or syncing with i Tunes, nor will doing so remove the jailbreak.Even after jailbreaking, you can still plug your i Phone into a computer and sync it.Several programs available from Cydia can save information about your installed Cydia packages for later restoration.

Information in this article applies to i OS 6 and i Tunes 11.

Though backing up your phone will not affect your jailbreak, restoring from a backup will.

Even if you restore to a backup made after jailbreaking your phone, the process will undo the jailbreak.

Updating your i Phone to a new i OS version will also remove your jailbreak.

Because i Tunes and i Cloud backups do not save jailbreak app data, you may want to use an additional backup program to save this information.

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Though this information has applied throughout previous versions, Apple could increase restrictions on jailbroken phones in later releases.