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Updating performance appriasals

It’s hard to imagine any organisation being able to manage its talent effectively without some way of evaluating peoples’ performance and work delivery.However, too many performance management systems are failing to truly engage employees and drive their performance.This approach is mostly effective for roles that are stable and predictable, with clearly observable outcomes.It is much less applicable to modern roles that are less simple to define, and that require a more dynamic, adaptable approach within a fast-changing environment.Oracle Performance Management enables you to create and administer questionnaires for the various potential participants in the appraisal process, the main appraiser, appraisee, reviewers, and other participants.

The traditional 3-step performance review is also essentially an ‘appraisal’ of what has happened - in the past tense.

Workers use this function to initiate appraisals of themselves.

Both workers and managers use this function to participate in appraisals as appraisers, reviewers, or other participants.

Therefore, focusing on building engagement, rather than trying to ‘manage’ performance is much more likely to facilitate greater outcomes.

It is more effective to focus on this ‘lead’ measure - the precursor to performance – in order to leverage something that to actually changes outcomes.

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Both managers and employees can use the self-service Employee Review function to set up review meetings and invite reviewers to attend.

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