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Updating portage cache

The pool will be automatically mounted at the (temporary) location When booting from ZFS, you must specify a boot device and a root file system within the pool that was identified by the boot device.By default, the dataset selected for booting is the one identified by the pool's Now that the initial ZFS pool and datasets have been created, we can unpack the stage 3 tarball and proceed with basic system installation.Follow the above instructions on "Forgot to reset password?" to import and mount your storage pool (rpool) and chroot back into your Funtoo environment. Swap must be turned off to free the pool for export.Google Cache is normally referred as the copies of the web pages cached by Google.

When the ZFS kernel modules are loaded, your existing ZFS Storage Pool (rpool) will be imported automatically.This will also result in an attempt to mount the various ZFS filesystems that you created.Mounting your root partition (/) will fail since this location is not empty; / is allocated to the live CD/USB distribution! Follow the earlier set of instructions to chroot into your Funtoo Installation on ZFS root. Hopefully this information helps other Gentoo users who run with most things disabled.Updating the kernel with make oldconfig I did not notice this option because I have had CONFIG_HID_LOGITECH disabled and it hasn’t caused any problems.

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