Updating psp with usb Sexchat program

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Updating psp with usb

If you want to flash your PSP, you usually had to use a USB connection or a card reader to put the Custom Firmware files onto your memory stick, since the PSP is usually unable to properly download them itself. It is now possible to download & install a PSP Custom Firmware directly onto your PSP.

I don’t have a Wifi connection, so I need instructions that don’t require wireless, too. I just recently updated my Sony PSP unit to the 2.0 firmware release too, so i can step you through the procedure I used.

This means that your computer doesn't let you run the applications you want.

In this case, a PSP only runs programs that are signed (digitally) by Sony, so it won't let you run Free Dink.

The site you are getting redirected to is prepared to enable your PSP to directly download the custom firmware files onto your memory stick (or internal storage), which will also be placed in the correct directory (ms0:/PSP/GAME/).

The only requirement is that your PSP has to run a supported firmware (6.20, 6.39, 6.60 or 6.61), but that can be done by the build-in wireless system update feature, which will let you install the official system software 6.61.

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The default system from Sony (that cannot run homebrews) is called "original firmware" or "ofw".

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