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But Dr Rosewarne said trying to find a partner in the days immediately prior to Valentine's Day might not be a wise dating strategy."Trying to have an intense relationship, trying to find someone to be with on Valentine's Day that you've just met, it's a high amount of pressure for a first date," she said."Or even just shopping for a partner — it's a lot of pressure to do that on Valentine's Day.

She said anyone feeling vulnerable should just hunker down and wait out the marketing storm."It's 24 hours, you can do it," she said."You can get through pretty much anything in 24 hours, so that's probably the best advice."Tom Mc Donald said he refused to buy into the hype."I think if you're in love with someone you show that every day and Valentine's Day to me is just another day."I wouldn't try to get someone, be with someone just for Valentine's Day, no."Dr Rosewarne said Valentine's Day was a holiday that was all about coupledom."If you're not exposed to enough images in social life about the importance of being coupled, Valentine's Day slams that idea home."That then reminds people who aren't coupled that they're some way deficient and they may seek to remedy that by going online, because we've got to a point in our culture where pretty much online dating is packaged as the only game in town now."Edwina Luck from the Queensland University of Technology said the marketing around Valentine's Day had become intense.

Tinder recorded a 20 per cent surge in usage on February 14 last year, and expects a similar trend again this year.

But experts believe a last ditch effort at a date could seem desperate.

Or was it because that's all she thinks you're worth?

Gender studies expert Lauren Rosewarne from the University of Melbourne said it was not surprising single people felt the sting of loneliness.Hi everyone sorry if this gets long, but I'm clueless about this sorta thing and looking for some advice...So I matched with a girl on Tinder 3 weeks ago (I'm 20, she's 19), got her number that same night and we have been texting every couple days since.Or, was it that he didn't care enough to make a reservation somewhere ahead of time?Did she take you to Applebee's instead of somewhere more special because it's what she can afford?

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On February 14, every relationship issue you have, had in the past or may have in the future will intensify.

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