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Validating during keypress

Handling and validating forms on the front end as you saw, can often become a pain in the bum, especially when forms become big and need to be split up.

Using Vuelidate makes the whole ordeal a lot more bearable.

For Key Press, the validation triggers for each key press.

This read only property is used to check whether the validation succeeds or not.

This solution is slightly better than the above one using number input. However, you might have noticed that the input type After the journey above, we arrive at the route of using a directive.

It returns true once validation succeeds or else returns false.

Natural numbers are frequently used as Account Numbers, Transaction IDs, Job Codes, etc.

More interestingly, a number in scientific notation, like “The above input box will validate an input value based on the provided regular expression when a user submits a form.

Note that the default appearance of the validation message depends on browsers, which you can customize CSS to style a uniform look across browsers.

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Here's a live example: Vuelidate-error-extractor loops the validations for each form data and checks each rule if it's valid or not.