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Validating xml without namespace

You've worked out your problem, but if you were originally asking if there's a way to validate an XML file without a schema, then the short answer is no -- at least, the validation will not address the information in a schema (obvious, but when working with the XML parsers, this stuff is not always clear).

You can, however, use XML without validating it against a schema.

The most common way to do that is to put the file in your Web site, and refer to that URL in the namespace location, as you've done.

Why then does the validation code I'm using then give me an error if I submit badly formed xml?

However, your point about having the xsd available via " Schema.xsd" makes sense.

Yes, if you want to have the xsd file available publicly, then make it available from your Web server and use that as the schema location in your file.

It's a normal Web page URL, like others you must have seen in xml examples: xmlns:xsi=" xmlns:soapenc=" xmlns:xsd=" soap:encoding Style=" xmlns:soap=" You're welcome.

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